Leprechaun Food

by Jack Simons

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Phase I

Leprechaun Food (Main Theme)
A Pool Party Out Back
Squirrel’s House (Buttcracker Suite)
What’s With All This Monkey Business?
Sasquatch Sandwich
Play That Piano Man Song/War Beats
Crickets in Space!!

Phase II

Wear the Headphones
It’s the Same Instance
All That Talk ‘Bout Leprechaun Food
Cyborg Hula Hoop Party

Phase III

Actually Donuts
Analog Man (Nite Drive)
How Many People Can You Fit in a Sausage?
Smell the Eggnog
Raining Cheese (From a Burger in the Sky)
Leprechaun Food (Reprise)
Concluding Statements/Guitar Solo

Composed and arranged by Jack Simons

Produced, recorded, mixed, and edited by Jack Simons

Recorded 2010/2011 at Funisound Studios and various locations using a MacBook Pro/GarageBand/microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder

Jack Simons: guitars, bass, drums, piano, synthesizer, voices, narration, slide whistle

Will Gelder: lead guitar on “Zombies”, harmonica on “It’s the Same Instance”, acoustic guitar on “Smell the Eggnog”

Drake Builta: voice and sounds on “It’s the Same Instance”

Dave “Funis” Simons: Hammond organ on “Zangief”

Damon Gralinski: narration, drums, slide whistle

Joey Milewski: narration, drums, guitar solo, slide whistle

This album is sort of a mixed media presentation. The music was composed over the course of the past year and a half (or so), a fair portion of which was recorded using a microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder. There are also pieces that I recorded for friends' movies, studio recordings, as well as various electronic tidbits that I've pieced together recently. The narration was improvised by Damon Gralinski, Joey Milewski, and myself during one fine August evening. With sizable glasses of eggnog and mild sleep deprivation, I recently edited all of this together into an album/collage/cyborgian radio station entitled Leprechaun Food (as coined by Damon). I then divided the contents into three phases (and the various subdivisions of the Leprechaun Food thereof)! I hope ya like it!!



released January 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Jack Simons New York, New York

"This? This is the Bawdy-o-Werk... THUS FAR..."

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