Malbec & Gingerale

by Jack Simons

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Produced, recorded, mixed, and edited by Michael "Izzy" Isabella

All songs composed by Jack Simons except "Pretty Little Feet (Trapped in Lines!)" by Simons / Isabella

Arranged by Jack Simons and Michael "Izzy" Isabella

Recorded at Storefront Music (New York, NY) January - Aug 2016. Additional overdubs in Queens

Jack Simons: guitars, bass, vocals, six-string banjo, synth programming, claps, dialogue, banter

Michael "Izzy" Isabella: drums, string / synth programming, banter

While this may be a Jack Simons release, it is most certainly a collaborative work: best bud Michael “Izzy" Isabella produced, recorded, mixed, and co-arranged the album in addition to providing brilliant drum work for the whole thing. His hyper creativity affected my songs in ways I never could’ve imagined and I’m immensely proud of the result. A big thanks to Edie Templeton who turned me onto the magnificent titular beverage at a Williamsburg party one fateful evening!



released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Jack Simons New York, New York

"This? This is the Bawdy-o-Werk... THUS FAR..."

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Track Name: Neon TV
This fellow builds a house
And he paints it a bright violet
Underneath overalls is a man in the mood

Danny’s a working boy
He’s a farmer and jet pilot
Taking his helmet off he’s a germ like us too

We don’t know about cats in flight
We just know about turpentine
Some day we’ll all be on
Neon TV

Stephanie’s company
Is calamity-free fortune five
Hundred and many more say she’s mastered the Art

Art is the husband see
Drives a bulldozer plays out live
Steely Dan cover band
Art and Danny rock from the heart

Scanning photographs of those lives
We’ll still know about turpentine
But we will all be on
Neon TV
Track Name: Tara
Leaning forward your onion eyes are brown
Perfectly sound walking around town
Made me an iceberg the many times before

Gather tulips to wrap around your face
Your polka dot socks and weatherworn black lace
Too often a mix of sweet and sore

Brush a handful of gravel off my brain
It all disappears your voice cures a migraine
Made me an iceberg the many times before

I would grab a hold of you
But I’m just too frightened
Sat in a bar in Hoboken
We could barter some broken chairs for angel hair

When walking up the street I think I know I wanna
Ride your segway home
Guide me along through your person
I just wanna take your fall and cure your gall
Track Name: Pretty Little Feet (Trapped in Lines!)
I want to fall apart cuddle
And let your laugh soothe me
(Attention Deficit Disorder)
But drowning in my brain puddle
Has rendered me 2D

I'm pulling weeds and your pulling
Tangible heart strings
Wish I could return the favor
But slave to guitar strings
So I guess I'll hide

(...and watch the!!)

Pretty (little) feet of the morning sunrise
Though I'm in love with your world I'm trapped in lines
Crumpled receipt from a morning mailman
Rustles to beat of a heart struck sidewise
I'll fall in love with you gurl if ever my
Anxiety dies


Penned a note to pass your way
Hope the ink suits you
(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
My neuroses say I'm okay
Convinced that I'm Camus

But when face to face gazing
I wanna cry rivers
Then lasers in my brain tase me
And now we're in reverse

Sitting in the bath soakin'
Thinking 'bout how everything is green
You know what I mean
Even with my eyes open
My love is just to skewed to be seen

I just penned a love letter
Filled to brim with candy-colored rhymes
Fanciful design
But knitting you a wool sweater
Is of course the best I can do
Track Name: Malbec & Gingerale
I love Malbec and ginger ale
Foaming and purple-tailed
Love you now and ever more

Swirling together and all as one
Forgotten what time has spun
Spill you in revolving door

Balcony beached in Brooklyn bar
Psycho sorting assorted stars
Where’s the comfort in company
This concoction is all I need

I love Malbec and ginger ale
Tallest of all the tales
Smoothest of the seven seas

Bitter in all the right ways you dig
Stir with a tiny twig
Treat yourself to one of these

Time is up now I’ve gotta go
Gotta practice my do-si-dos
The elevator’s here finally (...finally!)
What a splendid refinery
Track Name: Wacky Berets
An inimical fuzz adorns my face
It’s the Forest of Cardigans
Making me smart again

They love the air of my oh-so edgy taste
It's hit parade for the toothy grin
We ain’t gonna be fooled again

Ladle it to me
One more time
Bedford Avenue tonight
Vocoder elite
Medium-rare so divine

Up and up and away
Sunshine surf and wacky berets
Speaker box in the sand
European bands are rocking my way

Step outside mow the lawn
Put yer sunglasses on
We’re cruising today
Up and up and away wacky berets

Post-ironic is next on my list
Independently telethon
Making my hair grow on

1977 serves us right
A potent creature is turning on
Self-aware renaissance
Track Name: Chameleon Frosting
Crunchy dreams become more tangible
Tangled girl things spill from the core
Onto the floor awoken pores galore
Eyes scatter as curled purple fingers
Snap to rhythm of a self
Mechanical details reduce to vapor
Heart pours brain powder into coffee filter

Steam of tears yields green
Epiphanies? …Like what?
Ego a chameleon frosting
Ego a tasty frozen breakfast
Dinner and love make the world go round
Tangled girls things spill from my core
Spill from your core
Spill from her core
Spill from whose core?!

Sing this tune attuned to make you proud
So glad we could work it out
Let's play hide and seek away from town
Live like lizards in the sun
Life has just begun
Track Name: Fire in Your Whys
You say you've tried all of the gadgets you can try
That humble jetpack of apps is nowhere in sight
And when you're sat there pulling open your third eye
I feel the jealousy breeze like some moth in flight
We stumble 'round this rancid city no daylight
Every step leaves of mark of our own design
But does it matter when we’re such tiny french fries

If we are all just some thoughts of our own
I would laugh into a fake cry
Tyrannosaurus in size as the thoughts break down
And kiss each other goodnight
We’re stuck in this pickle jar but for now I ask

Can you be my brains
We’re one and the same
And I can be your mister brains say
The logic is plain
We’re one and the same
And I could put you in the ace lane

The future’s barreling down
But your turntable screech is the bulldozer
Destined to turn us around
When you ask there’s a fire in your whys
That could blind pirate eyes
Just ask me tonight
Track Name: Single File Lines
Push the button slowly
His depressed pointer finger tells her
How he spends his time
In this elevator
His feted gaze of renegades
Rakes along her spine
Lobby’s too far down now

He pushed 2F so along ago
Doors keep closed
Clutch the crane and soon he pays your toll

Walk in single file
Single file lines
Before his floor her dinosaur-ish fore knocks at his door

Lacey Susan let’s say
You’re soon to make a fool of him
Inside ascending box
In this elevator
Your radiator face embrace
He can't believe it talks
Lobby’s too far down now

He's only trying to reach the 7th floor
Earache leaves him sore
Clutch the crane and soon he pays your toll