Salmon Astronauts

by Jack Simons

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All songs composed and performed by Jack Simons

Produced, recorded, mixed, and edited by Jack Simons

Recorded at Funisound Studios, July 2011

The voices of Spoon Unit appear during the second half of "Fish in Space"


released August 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Jack Simons New York, New York

"This? This is the Bawdy-o-Werk... THUS FAR..."

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Profile picture courtesy of Darien Scott Shulman

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Track Name: Outnumbered
I know I've done my part now
It's time to pack my things and go
No one will know it's easy
As long as you don't tell them so
Covered from head to toe now
We're stuck and there's no getting out

Here we are outnumbered once again
Can't you see?
No one will laugh at our ease
All the pieces fall right into place
That's how our love seems to be
Track Name: In the Meantime
You know that nothing's changed
So just leave it in its place
Walking around in circles fast
I take my time to wake
And I exit left and leave
Just in the nick of time it came

Take all that you know
Keep it inside your mind and take it slow
I sure won't go
I must stay here and make my mind up now

Say you didn't have to
Take this and walk away
You didn't mean to
Leave this behind and say
But in the meantime
Take this and walk away
Track Name: Weasel Garden
There's weasels growing in my garden
And there chomping at the bits
And I'm afraid of weasels (so much)
I don't know what I'll do
I might get them fixed!

La la la la la la
Track Name: Does It Matter
Does it matter if I've gone?
Does it matter if this place is too far gone?
Like it when we're standing here
Doesn't take too long to figure out its wheel
I know so

Take what you've got and take it all
I won't be the one to tell you what I see
And if I were all alone I would say
If we've taken the wrong way
Track Name: Wandering
I would never know
If no one told me what I have to do (yeah)
But I want to
I'm left alone I know
That there is no one here to take your place

Ever wonder why we're always wandering?
Marching in place?
We never really had to
But we want to

And even if it mattered we could
Make our home here
We could turn this planet sideways
If we wanted to
Track Name: You Can Always Tell
If I could tell you what's on my mind
We'd have to find a new insight
And reinstate our minds
We never tire when we're in this space
Our saving grace
We leave it up to you

I'm walking backwards in a world unseen
If no one told you we are sight unseen (in here)
We save our small talk for the best of times
We leave tomorrow and we change our minds (you know)

You can always tell
If it's the world that does compel (repel) you
And there's no reason to fear
If something just seems weird
And it's not coming of age
If something just seems strange