This is the Spot for All of It

by Jack Simons

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All compositions by Jack Simons

All songs performed by Jack Simons except where noted

Produced, recorded, mixed, and edited by Jack Simons

Recorded at Funisound Studios, December 2012 / January 2013

David Simons (Funis!) plays Leslie guitar on "Your Stratosphere"

The voice of Michael (Izzy) Isabella appears on "Son of the Beard Stroke"

This album features the Aims fretless bass!

Thank you Sam Reed for the album title!


released January 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Jack Simons New York, New York

"This? This is the Bawdy-o-Werk... THUS FAR..."

All records available for free download here on Bandcamp

Profile picture courtesy of Darien Scott Shulman

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Track Name: The Dinner
They hide between two sinking shoulders
And take back what was rightfully theirs
You know it's not right for me to know

Fish in a cage not in the mud
They chop their trees and build themselves a house
It's just a phase
They make themselves dinner

They live under a leaking floor
They're tugging on the roots of evermore
Fish in a cage not in the mud
Track Name: Shining Light
All intentions in disguise
Waking up realize
It’s too early to re-enter the planet

Legs are moving all around
Fear is lost and found
Wreaking havoc in another dimension

Blinding my eyes
In your shining light
Do you realize
That you take me a long ways out?
What your energy is all about?

Strike my fingers two times blind
Mark my words in time
Someday they’ll be here to hang from the ceiling

And you sometimes freak me out
Leave me in your mind
Why can’t you just readapt the feeling?
Track Name: Start It Over (U Wanna)
I can see we’re on again off again
They breathe air for all that is you
In a box the magic of certainty
We stand here with nothing to do

They’d like to show you right from wrong
To push the feeling sit and stew
A reason's too much to hit undo

You want to start it over (lying in the mud)
The sky is raining clovers (standing in the sun)
Today is not tomorrow
And we’re too big to run

So where to the melting has injured me
Your face rakes the leaves off the ground
Your plates make the tables go turning and
I fall down not leaving a sound

We’ve hit the center of it all
There’s no depiction tall or small
Track Name: Your Stratosphere
Let’s dance in dirt
Aren’t you so tall
Get off your tiptoes

You take my hand
And I’ll take yours
I stare up your nose
I will

And you crave for something more
Then you laugh and close the door
And it’s all gone cold
Yes it is

Your hair’s too long
And mine is gone
My eyes need reading

No stinging sun
No passersby
No actual malice
Stay still

I don’t live here
But I believe your stratosphere
You know no fear
Lives deep in your soul
Track Name: The Beard Stroke
Chasing daydreams away from the saucer
Aunts and uncles your sons and your daughters
At sea for free you see

The hands they cross over
They're itching the surface now
In isolation

The ice makes it colder
And older the rust has grown
And now you’re airborne

Candles lighting the wick and the shoulder
Fast your timing and quick to be over
All grass all green all seen

They reckon it’s coming
The day and the age of yours
They stroke their beards and

A new inspiration is born out of energy
Tastes like chicken