Zen Frank

by Jack Simons

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All songs composed and performed by Jack Simons

Mixed by Jack and David Simons (Funis!)

Produced, recorded, and edited by Jack Simons

Recorded at Funisound Studios, August/December 2010, May/June 2011

Glorious photo of Frankus courtesy of DFunis


released June 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Jack Simons New York, New York

"This? This is the Bawdy-o-Werk... THUS FAR..."

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Track Name: Please Be Kind
Is it me or the others?
I would laugh if I had my druthers
Is it me is it you?
Is it something I do?
I just can't recall

Put your face to the window
While we throw our things at each other
If we push it all back we can take what we had

But don't go back in time
People can't rewind and I

I don't even remember my own name
The years they same to fade away
And if we lose all we have to give
We do it again
This film never ends

I was never alone since we talked on the phone

Take a few take a dozen
While my train of thought is in motion
If we lost all along does it mean that we're wrong?

Please be kind
If we never had to ask
We can take the answers back
If we never seem to know
Is there nowhere we can go?
Track Name: Maybe We're Gone
People always seem to walk away from what they know
Cause if a path is taken then you really shouldn't go
If we leave our things and they are neither yours or mine
We try to make amends because we're running out of time

We can't stay here for long
We're moving on
But if we understand
We'll never feel the same as anyone else

I can't do this on my own (no)
And maybe we're gone this time
And maybe this can't be right
We're both standing at the door (no)
There's no rhyme or reason now
And no one can show us how

If this starts making sense
We're moving on
Track Name: Everything is Green
Words don't come easy
When the break of the day has blown our minds
Let's invite who we can
In the sky

Talk to anybody
Take a look for yourself and come this way
There's so much to be seen
On this day

Here I stand with pen in hand
Amazed by what we've found
Odds and evens make no difference
When we cannot count

You'll see everything is green
Everything in the world as we know it
Cause you and I
Could stay inside (save/waste our time)
Track Name: Don't Bother
We don't use reality
There's no actuality

If the thoughts come out the same
Then we won't play this game anymore
Cause I just might have to wait
To see okay and it's good to be sure

It's still broken
They're outspoken
Let's make use of what we have

Don't bother
We're going over under
No other
Could make a change for the worse

And we feel at ease in the world

We don't use reality
Overwhelming galaxy

If the pace is not as fast
Should we leave our ideas in the past
Cause I just might have to wait
To see okay and it's good to be sure

And we don't know where to begin
And there's no one letting us in
Cause if we fell down on something
There could be no wrong or right
(But we feel at ease in the world)
Track Name: Planetsandwich
Open up your window
Leave it 'till the end of time
Makes it seem so easy

I'm moving backwards and I can't get you to do the same

Open up your mind's eye
Make a case of what you saw
The universe froze over

How could you believe that you weren't meant to be in this world?
Track Name: Rollerskate Conundrum!
"I now realize that some minor imbalances can knock you off kilter"

"The chances of something catastrophic happening are extremely remote -- less than one in a hundred"